Career Development

reconnect with your values and dreams

Utilizing an “inside out” approach to coaching, RAE Development supports clients in reconnecting to their values and dreams, inspiring individuals to reflect and move into meaningful action, while supporting them in achieving their goals and intentions.

Career Development

RAE’s proven methodology helps clients produce fulfilling results professionally and personally.

Life Coaching Philosophy

RAE Development’s philosophy to life coaching is that you the client are resourceful, creative and whole.  You know what is best for you when you are able to tap into your inner wisdom, which sometimes eludes us with the distractions of daily life.  Coaching creates a safe, relaxed place to tap into your intuition.

The Coach is not an expert and is not going to try to fix you or tell you how to live your life.  You are the expert on your life.  The Coach’s objective is to help you attain your goals and dreams and to keep you accountable to yourself.

Alissa Carroll Founder, Carroll Public Relations
Rachel elevates coaching to an art. Yes, she will help you organize your life, identify your goals and align with your values, but beyond that she will help you create a vision for life.  With both pragmatism and an uncanny intuition – Rachel always seems to know just what I feel I need to focus on – she helps her clients create their most authentic path.

How Life Coaching Works

The RAE Development coaching model consists of four key steps including Discovery, Action Planning, Coaching for Growth and Positive Change, and Measurement and Monitoring


Outcome:  Self-awareness and creating coaching alliance As we are all the same person whether we are at home or work, RAE Development utilizes an “inside out” approach to coaching.

  • Client completes a discovery questionnaire to help the coach get to know him/her and to begin a valuable reflection process.
  • 2-hour Discovery session to set the foundation for the coaching relationship. The session includes values clarification, work/life Balance activity, coaching alliance design
  • Awareness is the first keys to narrowing blind spots and promoting change.  For this reason, we help our clients tap into and test their own perspectives, beliefs, and assumptions about themselves and their situation. The next session may include some of the following assessments:  Myers Briggs Type Indicator , Strength Deployment Inventory, Thomas Kilman, Career Design Guide, and 360 Degree Feedback (Interview or Automated Survey).
ACTION PLANNING – Outcome:  Determine and create 1-3 specific coaching goals including desired specific outcomes , and evidence of success – observable behavior changes that will occur within a specified time frame

  • Once the client identifies values, passions and coaching goals, we evaluate the client’s life choices to determine if they align with what’s most important to the client
  • Coaching goals are created that incorporate the client’s focus areas and priorities, such as relationship with self, family, career, health, environment and success. Emphasis is placed on what the client is doing as well as who the client is being.

ONGOING COACHING FOR GROWTH & POSITIVE CHANGE – Outcome: Achievement of coaching goals

  • Coaching sessions are usually scheduled weekly as three 40 minute sessions per month  or four 1 hour sessions per month (totaling 2 or 4 hours per month).   The focus of the sessions include giving and receiving continuous feedback, tracking goal progress, modifying goals, and experimentation with new skills, tools, and behaviors
  • Coaching sessions are facilitated either by phone or face-to-face.  Each coaching session usually concludes with action items such as assignments or inquiries in order to deepen the client’s learning.  Experimentation with new skills, tools, and behaviors
MONITORING & MEASURING – Outcome:  Progress and improvements tracked at 30, 60, 90 day intervals; 6 months; and up to 1 year

  • Relevant assessments and interviews may be repeated to track progress
  • Modification of action plan at 30,60,90 day intervals if necessary

Objectives and Benefits of Personal Coaching

Benefits include:

Be more centered, aligned and peaceful. Feel a sense of ease in all that you do. Think more clearly and be more effective in what you do.

  • Be centered and grounded
  • Think clearly and making informed decisions
  • Increase productivity while staying aligned with the client’s values
  • Experience greater balance in all areas of life
  • Overcome “stopping points”, obstacles & resistances
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn ways to self nurture
  • Establish clear boundaries in relationships
  • Experience improved relationships at home and work
  • Communicate with greater clarity and ease
  • Learn how to make requests
  • Trust your intuition
  • Learn to say “no” and not to take on too much

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Why Life Coaching Works

The International Coaching Federation reports that Coaching works for several reasons:

  • Synergy between the coach and client creates momentum.
  • Better goals are set — ones that naturally pull the client toward the goal because they are truly moving the client towards the life they want versus the life others tell them they “should live.”
  • The client develops new skills, which translate into more success.

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