Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

We enable your organization and its leaders, managers and employees to anticipate and adapt to change by providing practical tools and techniques to manage change and maintain agility.  Our organizational assessments and climate surveys help determine your organization’s strengths and gaps.  We provide expert facilitation and consulting to assist you in setting a clear vision and setting a strategic direction, which will cascade throughout the organization.  Our change management program enables you to implement and lead successful change.



Mentor Programs

RAE Development partners with your organization from analysis through implementation and success measurement for your Mentor Program. We provide customized programs as well as off-the-shelf training modules such as:

  • Creating the Mentoring Relationship
  • Competent Communication: The Key to a Successful Mentoring Partnership
  • Planning and Implementing the Ongoing Mentoring Program

Organizational Assessment

RAE Development designs and delivers organizational assessments to determine climate and culture, morale, and employee satisfaction. We also facilitate organizational effectiveness needs analysis to assess your current and desired future state for your organization

Performance Management

Through our consulting, coaching, and facilitated programs, we help you ensure that your vision and strategy are aligned. The key to organizational success is following the Retention wheel throughout the year, which includes:

  1. Creating and Communicating a clear vision and strategy
  2. Determining relevant organizational and individual competencies
  3. Developing specific and realistic expectations that align with organizational vision and strategy
  4. Providing direct reports with ongoing coaching for success and coaching for improvement. Tweaking and adding expectations as needed throughout the year
  5. Conducting effective and meaningful performance reviews

Our unique training modules align with the Retention Wheel.  These workshops assist leaders and managers in retaining, supporting, and developing key employees.  Workshops include:

  • Communication and Feedback Foundations
  • Setting and Tracking Effective Expectations and Goals
  • Coaching for Success • Coaching for Improvement
  • Facilitating Performance Reviews
  • Managing Poor Performance and Work Habits

Change Management

Keeping your organization healthy in today’s climate of constant change is a challenge. Enabling your organization and people to anticipate and adapt to change is a must. We provide managers and employees with practical tools and techniques to help them manage change, spark engagement and motivation as well as maintain agility.

Succession Planning

Organizations need to ensure they are set up for success for years to come by identifying future leaders and creating development programs that deal with current and future challenges. We partner with your organization to create a succession planning process that aligns your leadership development efforts with business strategy in order to have the greatest impact on the individual and the organization.