My First Blog Entry

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My First Blog Entry

Welcome to my first blog entry.

I have been advised by many (PR consultants, colleagues, and friends) that I must write a blog as a tool to market myself.

I must admit, that I have resisted writing a blog for some time. I have many seemingly valid reasons:

  • Where will I find the time?
  • What do I have to share that will be interesting and read worthy?
  • Am I good enough writer?
  • How do people even find my blog? Will I be writing for the cyber space black hole?

I am sure I could create more excuses if I think about this for a few more seconds.

When I put my list of excuses aside, I suddenly remember one of my strong intentions: to authentically connect to myself and others.  Authentically connecting starts with making space in my busy life to reflect on “who I am” and being clear on what I want to manifest in my life.

Once I have more clarity on these important aspects of myself and my world, the next step is to move into action and freely share my vision with the world. Self-expression is a huge value for me. Whether it be through my words, actions or via singing, I am compelled to share myself and my heart with others. I often ask myself why I am compelled to share myself in this way. It is not always easy, requires much courage and usually involves being vulnerable.  I wonder “Am a glutton for punishment?”  I notice that I often find it easier sharing my heart and soul with strangers when I am working/performing than I do with family and close friends. What’s up with that?!

All I know is that this need for self-expression is core to my being. I feel out of alignment, my stomach in knots, unable to sleep when I perceive that I am holding back or not being authentic. This is who I am for better or worse.

I think that writing my blog is a vehicle to authentically connect to myself and to the world. Writing this blog requires me to reconnect to myself by making a concerted effort to realign with my intentions and what I want to manifest. It also provides a forum for me to authentically share myself by posting my intentions for the world to see (even if I might be the only one reading the blog).

I am now commending myself on the good “reframe” I wrote above. Nothing like some good self-coaching!

You see, writing the blog has already been helpful for me. Hope this has been informative and thought provoking for you as well. 🙂


  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today! You have not sent your first blog off into the black hole, but it landed right where it was meant to — for me. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Mayora. I am gratified that this post has meaning for you and appreciative that my post did not go into the “black hole.” 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Rachel! We all have to push ourselves to do the things we don’t “want” to do, but we know are “right.” Your post is a reminder of that. Way to go!

    • Thanks so much for reading my post and for your affirming comments. This means a lot to me Gary!

  4. So proud of you for making the leap:)

    • Great to hear from you Karen. Thanks so much for your comment. Hope all is wonderful with you!!

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